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Flat pricing, so your invoice will always match your quote.

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Flat pricing, so your invoice will always match your quote.

 Antenna Direct Perth provides digital TV antenna solutions for your home and office to suit every budget. Whilst we may not always be the cheapest quote you’ll find, we do things properly, meaning good quality aerials are supplied and thoroughly secured, making Antenna Direct the best antenna installation Perth has to offer.

As “Perth’s antenna man” of choice, you’ll be delivered an exceptional antenna installation every time. Regardless of your suburb, Antenna Direct Perth has a solution to get you fantastic TV reception. No job is ever too big or too small and every job is completed to the same high standards. From full aerial installations to extra TV points and TV wall mounting, security camera installation and home theatre setups, we offer a full range of audio-visual services for your home.  We also have a Starlink installer who covers all Perth metro and rural areas.

It’s not just Free to Air TV Antennas that we specialise in. Antenna Direct Perth can offer a range of services such as Satellite TV installation, giving you access to hundreds of English and non-English speaking television stations Worldwide including (but not limited to) Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian and Indonesian TV stations.

With Antenna Direct, we can get you a TV signal in black spots where other antenna men can’t through our in-depth product knowledge and experience of installing antennas on both tile and tin roofs.

We’re Careful Around Your Home

It’s important to us to leave your home the way you found it.

During your Perth antenna installation, we’re extremely careful on your roof and do everything possible to avoid damaging your roof tiles and in the very rare event that we do, we’ll do the right thing and let you know about it.

Antenna Direct Perth will always vacuum or sweep up after any wall drilling or general mess created whilst installing your antenna and its ports. Once we leave, you don’t have to do a thing. Just kick back and enjoy a clean and uninterrupted reception.

Most importantly, we care about you and your family. Anything that we fix or mount, whether it be the antenna on your roof or the television on your wall; we make sure it’s safe and secure so that no injury to anyone or damage to your property is caused as a result of our work.

The Perth Antenna Man Of Choice

Antenna Direct Perth are owner operated TV Antenna Installers Perth; the technician who you speak to on the phone will also be the technician who does your work.

With knowledge in antenna repairs or fault finding good-quality antennas that are producing a weak signal, we’re not always just looking to replace your antenna every time to make things easier and more profitable. We’re the guys that come over once and that you don’t have to call back again. In the case that you ever do have to call us back, we simply fix the job that you paid us for initially.

Antenna Direct Perth are also available 7 days a week, meaning you can get everything you need to be done at a time that’s convenient for you without needing to take time off work for installation of your antenna in Perth

As Perth’s aerial installation specialists as well as the following services:


Awesome service and a great price. Boris walked me through everything that needed to be completed so I understood it and is definitely an expert at what he does. Would highly recommend!
Josh – Clarkson

Really happy with the work they carried out. On time, reasonably cheap & just hassle free
Sina – Maylands

Would highly recommend using this service. Was very experienced, professional and extremely flexible with his time.
Tamara – Balga

The team at Antenna Direct is committed to quality workmanship, service and product knowledge. We research and test the latest Antenna products currently available on the market, allowing us to deliver the best possible antenna services to our customers. Our television antenna installers in Perth will ensure every installation is completed to the highest standards using the best quality materials, for safe and securely mounted antenna with trouble free TV reception.

Safety is a big part of what we do. Whether it’s a large TV aerial on your roof or a TV mounted on your wall, the last thing anyone wants is for one of these large and heavy objects to dislodge or fall near or on yourself or your loved ones. Extra time and care is always taken to ensure that we don’t leave any hazards behind for you to deal with later down the track.

Customer service is also one of our highest priorities. We take the time to listen to your needs – ensuring we provide a solution that delivers the desired result regardless of your suburb or how old your home is.

The Difference In A Quality Antenna Installation

Choosing Antenna Direct is ensuring that the workmanship in your home is to the highest quality standards both structurally and aesthetically.

Other antenna installation companies in Perth will often be cheaper than us, but unfortunately for the consumer we’re not all offering the same products, longevity, signal strength or service levels, so when you get the cheapest quote possible, you’re subsidising that cost in the build quality of the materials as well as the care in the installation process.

Other antenna installation companies in Perth will often be cheaper than us, but unfortunately for the consumer, we’re not all offering the same products or services so when you get the cheapest quote possible, you’re subsidising that cost in the build quality of the materials as well as the care in the installation process.

We don’t say this to scare anyone or to convince them to go with us over our competitors. We simply see poor quality, Chinese made, antennas on people’s roofs that don’t take long to go faulty or antenna installation jobs that are dodgy and even just plain dangerous. For reference, Antenna Direct always uses Hills antennas and Matchmaster antennas which are all Australian owned and operated companies.

All our antenna installers have public liability insurance to the amount of $20 million, a certificate or a diploma in Telecommunications, White card and an open Cabler’s Licence with a “C” endorsement.

On top of all of that, you should hear what others say about the provider that you’re about to choose. A simple search on Google for “Antenna Direct” will bring up plenty of 5-star reviews from many of our happy clients.

Antenna installation Perth available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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