Auslog Antennas

Poltec is a fairly new brand on the market, offering a range of antennas which are often rebranded as Auslog.  Distributed from Mt Eliza in Melbourne, they feature a lightweight all aluminium construction and a wide bandwidth suitable for use in all capital cities, including Perth.

During the digital switchover period, commencing in 2011 and ending in 2013, the Poltec brand came to be known by a segment on Channel seven news features an antenna installation with a Poltec antenna.  Auslog antennas offer an economic price point for reception of all digital channels. The Poltec range extends to both VHF and UHF antennas and also 3G/4G antennas suitable for improving the reception of wireless internet.

Early models had various design issues, including abrasion of the coaxial cabling near the boom.  This has been fixed in later revisions however the coaxial cable exit is still not optimal.  The water cap has been observed to degrade over time from UV exposure.  In terms of reliability, the Auslog has not been seen in the field to give any major issues or failures and is overall a reliable antenna.