Caravan Satellite TV Kits

With our Portable Satellite TV kit, you are able to receive all your favourite Free to Air digital TV Channels anywhere in Australia via Satellite,  wherever you are travelling or camping or in a bad reception area. All caravan satellite TV kits sold by Antenna Direct come with absolutely everything you need with no extra bits and pieces required to make the kit work exactly as advertised. The kits work on most power systems found in caravans, is extremely energy efficient and is made from extremely high-quality materials that go above and beyond what is required to get free to air reception from literally anywhere in Australia. Antenna Direct’s caravan satellite kits are as compact and portable as they can possibly be without compromising signal quality, which means that you can bring excellent quality TV reception on the road with you without sacrificing anything to make room. Caravan Satellite KitThe satellite TV kit comes with easy to follow instructions to setup and aim the dish.  The mount comes pre-assembled to save you time, all you need to do is fold the tripod out and slide the dish on and aim it to the satellite. There is no subscription fee of any kind required. Antenna Direct guarantees that our satellite caravan kits:
  • Have 100% Coverage in Australia
  • Easy to follow instructions included
  • Work on all 12v and 240v systems
  • Draw less than 50 watts of power at any time
The kit comes with easy to follow step by step instructions, or if you are in Perth we can deliver the kit to you and demonstrate how to set the kit up and take it back down. For more information on caravan satellite TV kits or for a free quote, call now on 0403 679 974.