Choosing your antenna installer

With so many antenna installation companies in Perth around, the question is who to choose?
Building upon years of experience, my team understands that every job is different and requires an individual focus and approach.  Using the latest diagnostic equipment we can diagnose your TV reception issue and solve it with a high success rate with the use of the best materials.

Should you go for the most expensive or the cheapest quote?  Why not forget about pricing altogether for a minute. With so many listings on Yellowpages and Google, all offering the common slogans and promises leaves you stabbing in the dark.

When hiring a professional installer to enter your house, work on your property around your family in exchange for your hard earned cash, there are a few hints that can help make your selection much easier. Your first correspondence on the phone to having the job completed and the after sales service you receive are all part of the product you are paying for.

So how do you make a decision?


Speak with them

Your first impression of a business will be shown in the way they communicate with you over the phone.  Clearly state what you require done and describe the problem you are having.  By the response you receive you will be able to gauge how effective the service you receive will be.  Is the provider is being pushy, or do they genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals.

Ask what work will be done

Each TV reception issue is different and requires a different approach, and taking short cuts will eventually lead to failure leaving you in the same spot, one fixed price cannot cover all bases.  Enquire about the products that will be used, the type of cabling, and why it is required.


Get a written quote.

To avoid any fine print or overcharges, ask for a detailed written quote that outlines how every aspect of the job will be carried out so you can ensure that you will pay what you are quoted.  Many providers often use unethical ways of obtaining business and overcharging is all to common.  At Antenna Direct, your invoice will match your quote.


Do your research

A few minutes of some researching can give you lots of valuable information about the company you are about to hire to do work for you.  See what others are saying online, look for examples of previous work and customer testimonials.


The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional antenna installer doesn’t just cost, it pays. After you have done your research and interacted with the businesses you intend to hire with a fair sounding quote and proposal, you will be able to form a decision that is way more beneficial and rewarding than simply comparing a list of names and quotes from a notepad. The price paid will long be forgotten as the quality of a nice job is seen and felt everyday. It’s not about how much or how little you spend, it’s the signature that you leave behind that counts.