Christian TV

Our Christian satellite TV Packages brings you a range of channels with a one time fee, no monthly subscription.
A wide range of channels are available from all over the world and Australia, with premium content covering all aspects
of Christianity, including kids programming.

Our complete satellite package starts from $650, offering access to the following channels
and more :

Australian Christian Channel (GOOD) – Australias premier Christian channel,
with Christian broadcasting from Australia and all over the world,
including bible study and kids programs.  GOOD will go off air March 31st, 2023 and be available only on Foxtel

Angel TV  – A worldwide network combining quality programs such as
talk shows, childrens programs, music videos

God TV Australia – Originally a UK based network, schedule includes
Christian leaders from all over the world and programming includes
powerful and prophetic teaching, thought provoking seasons to raise
awareness on areas such as human trafficking.   Featuring daily
favourites such as Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince.

3ABN – 3 Angels Broadcasting network, one of the most popular and
longest running channels with the most diverse programming available.

Daystar – USA based network founded by two of the most renowned
preachers, Marcus and Joni Lamb.  From a small grassroots startup,
the network has grown to one of the worlds largest Christian TV
studios, containing some of the most unique and thought provoking

EWTN – Eternal World Television Network, started in 1981, 24 hour
programming from a Catholic perspective.

SBN – Sonlife Broadcasting Network – A Christian multi media
network, comprising of television, radio and web broadcasts.
An outreach of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, this station presents
a variety of live and prerecorded programs, music and teaching,
appealing to audiences of all backgrounds.  Program schedule
includes music, talk shows, live church services, studio programs,
youth programs and children’s programs.

Bible Explorations TV – Focusing mainly on teaching gospel and
how to share that gospel through easy to understand seminars and

Hope TV – This is the official channel for the Seventh Day Adventist
Church.  This channel offers programs on holistic Christian
lifestyle and focuses of faith, health and relationships with lots of
original content.

Inspiration TV – A family focused network presenting a variety of
programs, offering programs for children, teenagers and adults.

Christian TV Re-tune Perth

The Optus D2 satellite is coming to it’s end of life, by March 31st, 2023.  Some current christian TV channels will be moving to the Intelsat 19 satellite while others to the VAST network on a different satellite, Optus C1.  Channels that will go off air are GOOD and ABN, not to be confused with 3ABN. The table below will give a general description of which channels are available on either satellite

Intelsat 19 / IS-19. Optus C1 (VAST Network)  

God TV
Angel TV Angel TV  
Daystar Amazing Discoveries  
  Hope Channel  

Before March 31st, stations will be simulcasted on both satellites.  3ABN and TBN will stream in an MPEG4 format on Intelsat 19, and will not be viewable
on some older set top boxes, generally manufactured before 2014.

All existing satellite dishes, LNB and cabling are compatible and continue to be used, the dish requires a re-alignment to point to Intelsat 19, reprogramming of the set top box
or potentially a new set top box depending on age of existing unit.  In some isolated cases, a dish upgrade or relocation may be required to achieve the required signal strength to pick up the new satellite.

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