The Future of Foxtel and Pay TV

Think back of when having cable was a high class privilege only afforded to those who were well off and upper class, the small group who was the envy of everybody at the school. Foxtel, or better known as Galaxy back in the day was and is still one of the preview pay TV providers, offering over 200 channels with all the programming you can imagine under the roof at the touch of a remote.

Many households have elected to not even get a TV Antenna and simply use Foxtel as their basic form of TV, however newer technologies and larger channel selection on free to air TV is evening the divide between both forms of television. Channel sevens spin-off channel 7-mate often has high quality programming of many American shows such as Pawn stars, classic restorations and ice road truckers which were were only exclusively reserved to Pay TV streams.

Modern day ADSL and NBN technologies have enabled Australians to have a faster speed that allows us to use IPTV streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and Apple TV amongst a handful of names that have appeared on the market offering a fraction of the pricem of traditional Cable access or satellite pay TV with a huge selection of channel

Roy Morgans annaul data analysis on demographics of Pay TV users show IPTV has had a rapid surge of demand since 2014 with over 70% of the hired participants shows great interest in IPTV and no interest in a Foxtel ready setup. overtaking that of traditional Pay TV which has over the years luckily stayed very stready in Demand. Part of IPTV’s new found popularity has been due to it’s standard offering as a package with many well known internet providers such as iInet, Dodo, TPG and Westnet.

Our market is becoming more competitive and price sensitive, it has created and an even playing field and more favourably some healthy competition. Expect to see lots of more introductory deals, however do read the fine print and take not of your channel selection. With a lot of options to chose from. It’s predicted that the subscriber access TV industry will eventually even out in terms of price. Be sure to compare the programming as some IPTV offers have a very narrow range of programs with many well-known ones non existent.