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We often get called in to repair faults and damage caused by some of these installations.  Deals that may sound like incredibly good value amongst all quotes, often turn out to cause more damage and a higher price to fix, therefore these installations are never good value.  Cost savings for the customer also means cost savings for the provider.Often the work was carried out by well known installation companies in Perth



Yokine – Cheap thin screws used to mount antenna, unstable installation

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Piara Waters – Wrong type of mount used, eventually the antenna will fall onto the solar panels


Trigg – Blocks of wood used to try fix unstable installation, resulting in brickwork detaching from house.

Como – Antenna on right of picture, pointed toward the brick wall, resulting in poor signal and picture break up

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Dianella – Undersized cabinet used to save costs, could not house all equipment, door could not be closed.

Rockingham – Poor cable joining practice to save time and cost.  Intermittent reception faults.

Corrosion on fairly new antenna, poor quality product

Dawesville – Corrosion on fairly new antenna, poor quality product choice, total loss of reception

Ascot - Poor cabling practice

Ascot – Poor cable installation practice for security camera system,  exposed coaxial cabling along wall

Wembley – Incorrect installation, 4 holes on orange connector box facing upward to collect rain. Entire cabling system water damaged.

Shelley - Poor installation practice, hole in tin roof exposed to water.

Shelley – Poor installation practice, hole in tin roof exposed to water.  Incorrect hardware for installation to save cost.

Duncraig - Shocking installation

Duncraig – Shocking installation on brand new construction.  25mm hole exposed to rain leading directly down inside roof.

Northbridge – Heavy satellite dish detached from the concrete wall due to use of weak fasteners and no supports

Padbury – Poor quality thin walled antenna mast fallen over, cheap Chinese antenna filled with water. The customer had ongoing issues as a result of his damaged coaxial TV cabling

Bedford – Coaxial cable splitters incorrectly hooked up. Both inputs were linked together, resulting in no signal passing from the antenna which was connected to an output leg. Intermittent TV reception as a result.

Harrisdale – Cheap antenna installers use tile roof mount sin tin roofs, this customers antenna fell over and roof has began rusting due to incorrect mount

Marmion – Exposed coaxial cabling from this TV Antenna and splitter hanging in the elements has already began corroding. What is worse is this was a 2nd attempt after a previous failed installation at this premises

Southern River – A tile roof has been used on a tin roof mount, making this antenna installation very unstable. The antenna collapsed and fell onto the solar panels, causing further damage

City Beach – Extension mast has been installed and heavy antenna in windy area with no guy wires, causing the pole to bend, the antenna was out of alignment and customer experienced reception issues

Maddington – This is Perths most dodgy antenna install, period. Click on the thumbnail for a rundown of faults