How to install a TV antenna

TV antenna installation can often be overlooked as a simple task, however there are various factors that need to be considered such as the correct tools, masts, mounting equipment and coaxial cabling.  A thorough understanding of different types of TV aerials is required and equipment required to tune your television antenna.  Locating and installing the proper mount and mast equipment on various roofs such as colour-bond or tile roofs will require different types of hardware and tools for a secure installation.  In this article we will explore all these topics aswell as give you an insight into what goes into every one of our jobs

Hardware and equipment

For a typical TV antenna installation in Perth you will need the following equipment

– Aerial
– Base and Pole (Valley mount for Tile roof)
– RG6 Coaxial cable

Tools and consumables

To properly carry out the installation you will require

– Cable stripper
– F Connectors
– F compression crimp tool
– Electrical tape
– Silicone
– Drill and drill bit set
– Driver and socket set
– Coach screws
– Field strength signal meter capable of measuring MER and BER

Installation steps

The first step is to run your coaxial cable from your roof space to the required location on the roof. On tile roofs you need to find a valley, which is often where two roof surfaces meet, separated by a gutter.
The cable is simply ran into the roof by lifting a tile up and pushing it through.  On a colourbond roof, you will insert your cable from inside the roof, under the ridge capping and push it
out onto the roof.


Now it is time to install your mount.  On a tile roof begin by holding the valley mast central onto the gutter, ensuring the pole is fairly straight.  Slide two tiles upward to
reveal more of the surface.  Proceed to mark out where to drill the holes for the screws using a marker or a drill bit.

Drill two holes all the way through and apply sealant over them to reduce chance of leaks.  Hold  the base down aligned with the holes and drive your screws in until they bottom out.

Use a spirit level to ensure the pole is straight and make adjustments if needed. When done slide both tiles back to cover the bolt holes.  Using this method, no tiles are cut in anyway and reduce the possibility of any leaks entirely.


A similar procedure applies when installing an antenna on a tin roof. Remove two screws from the capping and apply sealant.  Place your base onto the surface and reinstall the screws.  With this method and mounting type no holes are drilled into your new tin roof, reducing the likelihood of any water leakage and a strong sturdy installation.  All our mounting equipment and masts are heavy duty galvanised, stainless steel or aluminium for weather resistance over the years.

Use a spirit level to adjust the pole until it is straight then firmly tighten the upper and lower nuts on the base to hold the pole firmly in it’s position.

Install your antenna to the pole and point it in the general direction of where the other antennas are pointed. Plug your signal meter into your TV antenna and adjust the signal strength until it is the strongest.  We use only the best Italian made signal meters from Unaohm and Rover to ensure your antenna is tuned perfectly.  Tighten both nuts on the clamp to lock the antenna into position

Install the rubber protective boot to your cable which is normally supplied with the antenna.  Fit an F connector and crimp it onto the cable.  Finally connect the cable to the antenna and push the rubber boot to cover the connector.


Finalise the installation by securing the coaxial cable onto the pole using electrical tape.  Create a small loop in the cable on the pole, this allows extra cable should it be required in the future
servicing of the system and also acts as a point to deter rain from leading inside the roof.