The importance of proper measuring equipment

Every TV antenna installation has to be tuned properly in order to receive the best reception, provide the best picture quality and in the case of digital TV, maintain a perfect picture quality with least chance of interference.

Many installers unfortunately use cheap meters which are inaccurate in their readings that provide misleading information to the installer and customer, resulting in either an unreliable installation, or unnecessary upgrades and callout fees later on down the track.

We have invested significant capital into buying top tier signal meters from Unaohm, Hills and Roversat in Italy, which we use from every day domestic residential installations, to commercial fitouts in some of Perths largest high rise buildings.  Troubleshooting TV reception issues is made much easier and effective to finding the fault too.

Unaohm T40 – A compact entry level signal meter, used in various residential installations and troubleshooting.

Rover Hills STC+ – A Foxtel approved meter, for use of precision alignment of satellite dishes.

Unaohm T40 – A top tier commercial grade signal meter.  We use this for fault finding in the most difficult situations, including tracking down sources of interference, and careful calibration in black spot areas.

By using the best available signal meters, the benefit to the customer is that your antenna will be tuned with precision and provide the clearest, most reliable signal and picture.