Matchmaster TV Antennas

Matchmaster is one of Australias oldest manufacturers of TV Antennas, a family business established in 1940 with manufacturing facilities right here in Australia.  Best known to the electrical industry and trusted by thousands of electrical contractors and distributors all across Australia to supply and provide antennas, MATV 5 wire equipment, high quality coaxial cabling and connectors.  The TV antenna range provided by Matchmaster is one of the most comprehensive collections available to the industry, with different designs suitable for prime and fringe reception of both UHF and VHF frequencies in urban and rural areas.

Some examples of Matchmaster products can be found in some of the tallest high rise towers in Perth, from high quality CATV cabling to distribution equipment for Foxtel. The companies achievements in the RF and Antenna industry are not only limited to design and manufacture of TV Aerials, but also the provision of various training courses recognised by the Australian government and various educational bodies with over five thousand students trained.  As a holistic provider of products for the reception and distribution of television, Matchmaster remains a leading brand.