NBN Cabling Perth

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia-wide initiative designed to assist our transition to a digital future. By upgrading existing fixed phone and internet infrastructure, it aims to bring fast, reliable and affordable broadband internet to all areas.

The network is being rolled out across Perth, with many inner-city areas now beginning to gain access.  If your area already has access, we will cable up all rooms in your house or premises to have access to the NBN.  For areas yet to gain access, our smart wiring system installations can make sure you are NBN ready, as all cabling is compatible.

The National Broadband Network provides Australians with the opportunity to enjoy high-speed internet comparable to some of the best in the world – no matter where they are located.  We can smart wire your home and ensure all cabling is set up so that you can get the best result. For more information regarding our NBN cabling service in Perth, be sure to contact Antenna Direct today.

The NBN in Perth, And You

What’s Perth’s NBN all about and how does it impact you and your home?

To address the ageing copper network in Perth and improve upon speeds offered by traditional ADSL service, the NBN task force is rolling out a plan to install fibre optic cabling to most premises throughout Perth.

Once the rollout is complete in your area, Internet and Phone services in your area will be provided exclusively through the NBN’s fibre-optic cabling network. Your existing copper phone cabling will be phased out and switched off.

Long story short – if you don’t upgrade the cabling to be NBN-ready now, you will have to eventually.

Antenna Direct Perth thoroughly recommends an inspection to make sure that you’re ready for the rollout to avoid disruption to your services.

Your Home Likely Needs NBN Cabling to Be Ready

Typical cabling setups in most established homes are not suitable for distribution of the NBN service.

To gain access to the NBN in Perth, there are 2 categories of data cabling installations that you need for your home. These are customer cabling and carrier cabling.

Carrier Cabling – The carrier cabling is completed by NBN contractors during rollout to your suburbs. This involves lead-in cabling from the pit to your exterior wall, terminating to a Premises Connection Device (PCD). The PCD acts as a service point, housing a portion of fibre cabling before entry to the home, much like a phone line enclosure box.

From the PCD, Fibre optical cabling is installed to the closest suitable area to a Network Termination Device (NTD). The NTD is usually installed on a garage wall, or alternatively a closet.  The NTD is the network barrier and separates customer cabling from carrier cabling.

Customer Cabling – The customer cabling is all cabling beyond the NTD, including data cabling, data points, telephone points, modems, switches and all related hardware depending on requirements. This serves to distribute the internet and phone service from the NBN throughout the whole house.

Our smart wiring systems allow distribution of NBN services to your entire home, while still allowing continual use of existing ADSL internet and existing phone service, allowing for a smooth switch over.

Depending on your requirements, we can bring your NBN service to a preferred room in your home, or install a structured cabling system to distribute the service to all rooms.

Data cabling example

Already Have Data Cabling or Smart Wired?

Antenna Direct will install the required cabling to integrate your existing structured cabling installation to the NBN Service.

What About Your Phone Services?

Even if you’re one of the few who aren’t online, the NBN Rollout will still impact you eventually.

Existing phone lines will remain in service once NBN has been rolled out into your area. However, a shutdown will eventually commence of existing Phone and ADSL services

The NBN network transports a telephone service too, requiring all existing phone cabling to be integrated to connect to the NBN service. Our installations allow existing phone points with your current service provider to remain active and allow for an easy switchover when required during NBN rollout.

Can You Use Your Modem/WiFi with NBN?

Yes, all existing devices with WiFi capabilities will connect to the NBN compatible modem wirelessly just as they did with ADSL.

For applications where optimal speed and reliability is required, a wired link is required. Wireless access points can also be installed throughout your home to extend the range of your Wifi if you are experiencing a slow connection speed. 

Is Your Current Router NBN Compatible?

An NBN compatible router/modem is required in order to be able to connect to the NBN.

Instead of traditional devices that connect to a phone socket to gain access to ADSL through the Telstra copper network, NBN ready modems have a “WAN Port” which is required to be connected to the NTD. We can spec your cabling layout to integrate the Modem at a central point or run your Modem at an office for easy access.

Don’t know what the difference between a Router and a Modem? This article from PC.net gives a simple yet thorough definition between the two.

Where Do All The Home’s Cabling Go To?

Depending on the size of your home and cabling requirements, typically all cabling is housed in a lock-up hub or enclosure placed in the garage, or closet. This serves as a central point for easy service in the future, and for easy connection to the NBN service which normally will be beside.

In smaller installations for compact units or villas, all cabling may lead to an office, kitchen or preferred room.

When Does NBN Come To Your Area?

The NBN taskforce is currently expanding its infrastructure to bring NBN to many of Perth’s well-established suburbs in a slow, yet steady rollout effort. Check your address using the NBN website:

Official Rollout Map from NBN

NBN cabling installation available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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