Recycling old equipment

After completing many antenna installations in Perth and surrounding suburbs, we have found that our customers were left with the burden of old, broken antennas left on their properties that were inconvenience to get rid of and too big to fit in a regular recycle bin.  That’s why we now offer a disposal service where we take away your old TV aerial and equipment.  No matter how big or small the part is, at Antenna Direct Perth we are able to safely disassemble your old equipment or cut it into small pieces and transport it away.

Aluminium elements of TV Antenna after dismantling and sorting

Once your old antenna arrives back at our warehouse, it is taken apart where all aluminium elements are separated from metal elements and certain parts such as clamps may be salvaged, reconditioned and re-used for repairs of similar antennas where new parts of same dimensions are no longer available on shelf.  Recyclable parts of the antenna are then sorted and delivered to local metal recycling facilities, where they are safely recycled and made into raw materials and eventually new products.  We support responsible recycling of materials in order to reduce the impact on the environment and landfill

Matchmaster VHF/UHF balun box

Boom of an old Hills TV Antenna







Many of these old antennas have served their purpose for a long period of time, upward of 40 years in some cases.  Some of the oldest and long lasting antennas we remove are old Hills antennas, characterized and identified by their red, although faded plastic joiners and large balun box which after decades of exposure to the elements are filled with rust and dirt.  One of our most common antennas we remove due to failure are Matchmaster units, identified by their trademark yet problematic twin PCB balun boxes that connect both UHF and VHF sections of the antenna together.  Recycling and dismantling old antennas not only serves as a positive for the environment, but also helps us identify common designs, symptoms and causes of failure.