Smart Wiring Perth

Structured cabling

With the NBN in Perth currently being rolled out to many inner city suburbs, our installations allow your home to be equipped with the required data cabling to distribute the high speed service throughout your home, while still being compatible with your current ADSL service until phase out.  Our small team of ACMA registered cablers can install a setup right for you.

Our smart wiring solutions for Perth allow your entire home to be wired seamlessly to incorporate connections to TV, Foxtel, data, phone, NBN and much more to every room, bringing features such as video streaming and allowing you to take advantage of emerging modern technologies such as IPTV, Sonos and all the features of modern smart TVs.

What is Smart Wiring?Smart Wiring Perth

Smart home wiring is structured cabling in a purposeful way to suit the home owners specific requirements for TV reception, phone, networking and audiovisual, where all cables lead to a central distribution hub. A smart wired house adds value, allows you to make the most of all your devices, and gives functionality to stream video from any devices to all your rooms, such as distributing your Foxtel picture to all your bedroom TVs for remote viewing, or playing a DVD which is viewable across the whole house, all while being able to take your remote control into other rooms and change channels remotely. These features of smart wiring make for an intelligent home.

Depending on your requirements, your intelligent home wiring system will consist of:

– Free to air TV points – with the option of streaming Foxtel picture to all rooms in the house for remote viewing
– Foxtel outlets – as many rooms as required
– Data / phone outlets – these can be converted from data to phone on the fly via distribution hub at any time
– FM Radio points – for improved reception and audio quality
– Audio cabling – remote speaker zones for outside and alfresco areas
– Home theatre setup – provisions for in wall cable concealment for wall mounted TVs
– Digital antenna, Foxtel dish and TV wall mounting installations

With the Introduction of the National Broadband Network to many areas in Perth, smart home wiring is becoming a more essential item for every new build and with more devices and TVs that have features to take advantage of high speed internet. Our solutions can offer connectivity to as many rooms as you require throughout your entire home, and all our smart wiring setups are NBN ready, allowing easy transition to connect to the system while working with traditional ADSL internet.

There are no packages, as our smart wiring installations are fully customisable for all budgets, allowing you to modify your setup in whatever way you require to suit your individual requirements to ensure your home is future proof, taking advantage of new technologies and increasing resale value.  We only use and recommend Clipsal equipment.

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