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Starlink Installation PerthGet your Starlink dish installed securely, safely and cabled up in under a day. We cover every Starlink installation in Perth from commercial, residential and industrial premises.  Starlink is a satellite network deployed by SpaceX and Tesla, providing high speed internet access across many parts of the world and now becoming a clear and fast alternative to the problematic NBN rollout, congested Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster.

With over 2000 Starlink satellites orbiting around the earth, many parts of Perth and Australia are now covered allowing high speed internet availability with a direct unobstructed link to the sky, bringing speeds upto 300 megabits per second all with a small satellite dish mounted to the roof through CAT6 cabling to the desired room location of your Starlink router.  Once the installation is complete the motorized dish automatically tracks and tunes to the required low orbit satellite.  The newly released Gen 3 dish is a fixed unit which can receive signal from all satellites in range

What makes for the best Starlink install?

A few general notes and factors we consider for the most reliable Starlink install that are done on every job


The most important factor is the exact position of where the Starlink dish is installed.  As of early 2022, currently there is about 2 or 3 SpaceX satellites that provide coverage to the Perth area at any given time. Satellites constantly orbit and change their direction so the dish will re-tune to the best available satellite for any given time.

For best download speed and reception of the service, South-West to South-East directions require the best view to the sky generally with no obstructions to at least 30 degrees.North-East and North-West directions are more forgiving with only a 50-70 degree minimum view of the sky required. During installation, a site survey is done to find the best spot on the roof for the  installation of the Starlink dish


Starlink dishes constantly re-tune by small increments to maintain the best alignment and signal from the nearest satellite that is in constant orbit. They re-align to compensate for any movement created by wind and are designed to work within these conditions, however movement during high throughput is shown to have an effect on download speed or live applications requiring low latency. It is important during mounting to make for the most firm install possible


The Starlink dish is a robust piece in it’s ways, yet has a few fragile areas mainly the cable outlet from the dish and the end of the cable that plugs into the Starlink gateway. The Gen 2 square dishy
especially has fragile cable ends that require a lot of care when running down wall cavities and the method in which the cable enters inside the roofspace.

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