Terms of Service and Gaurantees

At Antenna Direct, we are committed to all our customers and stand behind all our work, that means all our quotes are made with guarantees on high quality equipment and work practices, as well as after-sales support on all our work


All parts and labour come with a 3 year warranty. What this covers :

– Failure or Defect of product, including corrosion.
– Failure or defect due to workmanship
– Antenna installations are guaranteed to withstand all weather conditions
– Every consumer guarantee as required under Australian consumer law

If an antenna fails, breaks or falls, a replacement will be provided and installed at no cost to the customer normally the next day, or the soonest time convenient. Any reception issues caused by incorrect workmanship are covered. reception problems not caused by the antenna or any part of the installation such as interference, faulty TV or faulty pre-existing cabling are not covered.

We do not support or offer 10 Year warranty periods that many other providers claim to offer, or any sort of warranty that bears no relationship to the product price or actual manufacturers warranty, read more here

Products and Services

All our products and equipment are chosen from leading manufacturers such as Digitek, Hills and Clipsal.  We research and test various products on the market to ensure only the best products make it through to our installations for every price point, offering the best value for money.  Many years of combined experience and shared knowledge enables us to use proven installation methods and work practices, to ensure a reliable installation.

All our work is Installer direct, who you speak to on the phone will do your work.  As a premium provider, our work meets and exceeds guidelines and industry norms.  For some examples of substandard work that we discourage, see our Hall of Fame

Australian made vs Australian made

A large selling point that many providers openly advertise with their antennas is the Australian made selling point, while refusing to use imported products.  We support locally made products, however it is important to understand that regardless of the country of manufacture, good and bad product quality products exist.  Most antennas being advertised as Australian made are not of the quality an Australian would expect.

We stock and install high quality antennas from trusted Australian and international manufacturers.

Pricing and Payment

All our quotes are detailed, fixed price and upheld regardless of time taken to complete the work.
We accept cash, checks and EFT