TV Wall Mounting Perth


TV brackets provided and mounted from only $200.

Installed cleanly, securely and perfectly level every time.

Our TV Wall mounting solutions allow your TV to be mounted with a wide variety of different brackets available, including hidden cabling. In recent times, televisions have evolved from large, cumbersome boxes to slim, sleek screens that take up minimal space. The modern TV no longer requires a bulky unit to house it – the installation options are now endless.

A popular way to install new TVs is to have them mounted on the wall, as this not only saves space, making your existing living space seem bigger but also looks incredibly stylish and helps modernise the look of your home.

TV Wall Hanging of Any Size, Any Shape

At Antenna Direct, we can wall mount your TV for a neat, clean look and free up your space. No matter if it’s a 70” monster of a screen or a Curved OLED panel, we have well-built brackets and high-strength fixtures and fittings to wall hang any television you can throw at us.

We supply and install the wall brackets with all the equipment required for a clean TV wall mounting job and can also conceal your cables or hide them in the walls for a tidy, seamless finish. Concealed cabling is a great way to eliminate that tangle of cords that accumulate under most TV cabinets and provide a sleek and modern finish to your entertainment setup.

TV Mounts That Are Flexible To Your Needs

We have several different TV wall mounting options available, and we’re always happy to discuss your specific requirements, as this allows us to provide you with a TV wall mounting solution that accommodates your needs.

You can choose from a flat mount or a fold out swivel arm that allows the TV to swing outwards providing easy access for those who are constantly connecting and disconnecting several devices from the back of the TV.

Concealing Exposed Cables

Whilst wall mounting your TV is the first step to a clean setup, exposed wires hanging between your TV and directly plugged in accessories do you no favours.

Antenna Direct Perth can cleverly conceal those unsightly wires and cables and recommend options towards casing Blu-Ray players, PlayStations/Xboxes, set-top boxes and more.

Whilst usually the last consideration in a living room setup, it’s often the change that makes one of the biggest impacts to the overall look and feel of the space.

This service is not exclusive to TV Wall Mounting Perth. Antenna Direct will also wall mount computer monitors and conceal computer wiring on your set up for an unmatched gaming or productivity setup.

Perth TV wall mounting available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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