Our Work

At Antenna Direct, we’re proud to show off examples of our work that we’ve performed for various residential and commercial clients, and new home owners.  If something looks right there is a high chance that it works right too. We approach each job with attention to detail, careful measurement and planning.

Antenna Direct is an owner operated business and 100% of what you’re paying goes towards the work so we have time to do things properly and the wriggle room to provide better quality equipment where our competitors typically charge less and have higher overheads (such as franchise fees).

Often with audio visual services such as antenna installation, you get what you pay for. Antenna Direct may not be the cheapest option short-term, but we’re the most cost-effective long term as we do things right the first time around, provide you with the equipment that you need and we’re extremely careful with your walls, roof tiles and in your home in general.

With great pride, we showcase just a small fraction of our work below to give you an idea of the standards that we hold ourselves to at Antenna Direct.