TV Antennas

These are some examples of antennas we have installed.  No matter whether you have a tin or tile roof, or mounts are designed to fit onto your home without
any cutting of your tiles or colour bond.  Oversized heavy duty fasteners are used to secure your TV antenna to withstand the harshest conditions.  All antenna masts, and poles are galvanised steel for corrosion resistance.  Cabling installation and fastening techniques are used to minimise effects of weather, birds and keep water out of your roof.

All our TV antennas are tuned to bands of only the required digital frequencies used in your area, minimising the chance of interference, not a “one product suits all” job.  All our antennas have booms constructed out of aluminium that gives a pleasant look as well as a long lasting product.   Amongst all the above points described there are many aspects of the installation that may never be seen or noticed that make a great difference in performance and reliability.  Below are two jobs for clients in the suburbs of Baldivis and Dianella