Foxtel MATV (Maylands)

This is a recently completed MATV system for a luxury apartment complex in Maylands we designed and installed.  Foxtel and free to air distribution to over 160 outlets, all packaged neatly into a functional distribution board.

This project demanded meticulous attention to detail as core entertainment services not functioning as advertised would have been damaging to this complex’s brand image. Naturally, Antenna Direct was selected because of our flawless track record and countless, overwhelmingly positive, online reviews.

Some unique challenges for this project were fitting a large amount of cabling in a very small confined space, with some clever and neat cable management techniques we were able to save space and deliver a neat result for ease of service in the future.  Finalised with careful tuning of all the amplifiers and modules to deliver a perfect picture.

Some unique features of this TV antenna system is that the CCTV for the entire complex is reticulated throughout this MATV system to every tenants TV outlets, a view of each camera is only a channel away on every Television for peace of mind.