Starlink dish install

This flat high performance dish was installed by our Starlink installer in Perth.  Completed for a client in Roleystone, the premises was a fire station so the importance of getting the mount as firm and stable as can be was very important to ensure a long lasting reliable install for a very important building.  This install was set for a whole day with no other jobs needing to be attended to, allowing as much time to get the tripod roof mount installed on the Trimdek roof securely and lots of time spent double checking everything.

The client was very specific on the position and height that he wanted which he was not able to have met elsewhere.  After discussing the job and exchanging some details on the building and where the cabling was to be routed to, the job was completed as agreed.  Being located in the hills, there were lots of trees and bush land around so it was important to ensure the proposed height of the dish would clear any obstructions to give the optimal download and upload speed.

Starlink flat high performance dish roof install