TV Wall Hang

This TV wall installation was completed for a client in Caversham at the same time as their antenna installation, where a 75″ Samsung TV was to be mounted on a brick wall, where the TV point was already in place. Some careful planning was required as the client was not too sure on what height they wanted the TV mounted at, and some guidance was given as to what the optimal height may be to suit their requirements both for space under the wall mounted television while being at the right height for viewing.

Another installation at the same time was also done which was to wall mount a 32″ TV on an articulating bracket, as the existing homes build had the power and TV faceplates in a suboptimal location, a lot of trial and error was required to find the perfect position for the TV wall bracket so not only could it cover the wall points in it’s set location, but angle the TV at the right position in the extended position.

TV wall hang